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Welcome to Ahz Pasta Restaurant!

Everyone loves pasta! Pasta is so simple - eggs, semolina flour, salt and water. Presto!

At Ahz Pasta we look at pasta as a painter would look at a blank canvas, just waiting for the next creation.

First, we add some flavor to the pasta, maybe garlic to fettucinni or fresh herbs to linguini. Pastas can even be shaped into thumbprints or bow ties!

Then, we fire up a pan, heat up some olive oil and saute fresh cut toppings; mushrooms, chicken, tomatoes, shrimp - just to name a few (of the 15 toppings we offer).
Next comes the sauce - seven homemade sauces with each one being full of flavor and delicious!

As our guest, the hardest part of a visit to Ahz Pasta is deciding what to order...

  • choose from seven pastas
  • select from our 15 toppings
  • pick one of seven homemade sauces

Our flavor wizards will then create your made-to-order pasta, right in front of you as you watch our open kitchen buzz with creativity. Your pasta bowl is filled with awesome flavors that you've created. Hot, fresh, and ready to be enjoyed. And of course, every pasta bowl at Ahz Pasta comes with one of our famous breadsticks just for getting every last bit of sauce.

Dine in, Carry-out, Drive Through

Delivery Service Offered Mon-Fri 11:00-1:00 in the General Downtown Area

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Open 7 days a week 11AM-8PM
CLOSED Most Major Holidays


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